Education in the UK

The British educational system is recognized as one of the strongest in the world. The country’s universities occupy leading positions in all international rankings – 18 British universities are included in the top 100 of the world in the QS World University Rankings, 2021).

Higher education in the UK combines centuries of teaching tradition with modern teaching methods.

Great Britain ranks second in the number of international students – 500,000 people come to the country to study annually. They enroll in undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate programs to pursue science or to build a successful international career through higher education in England.

British universities offer serious academic opportunities and their degrees are highly regarded around the world. Universities focus on applied education – during their studies, students work on real projects, undergo internships in leading companies in the country and the world. Thanks to this, graduates have practical experience and connections with representatives of the industry – they can immediately start working in promising and well-paid positions.

Benefits of Studying at UK Universities
wide range of academic programs
modern, constantly modernized technical equipment
endless research opportunities
practice and internships during training
connections of universities with industry leaders
internationally recognized diploma
brilliant job prospects
Preparatory Programs for International Students

The educational system in the UK is significantly different from ours: students study for 13 years. Therefore, international students need to undergo training in order to catch up with their British peers in the program, as well as improve their English to the level of native speakers.
Especially for international applicants, British universities offer a Foundation Program – preparatory programs, after which students can continue their studies in the first year of the chosen undergraduate program.
The Foundation program includes the study of specialized subjects in the chosen direction, classes in academic English, as well as acquaintance with the higher education system in the UK.

The Foundation preparatory program is:
training on the campus of a British university;
profile subjects in the chosen specialty;
academic English courses;
small group lessons;
assistance in adaptation and moral support;
the opportunity to participate in extracurricular activities of the university;
Student life begins here
Foundation students in the UK receive student rights and receive a place on campus. They can use the library, gyms and all other resources of the university and participate in cultural and sports events.
After Foundation, you can apply not only to the university that organized it. But it is still better to take this course at the university where the student is going to study in the future. This will speed up his adaptation to the university and will allow him to feel in the first year of the bachelor’s degree in a familiar environment. In addition, during their studies, students usually find new acquaintances who also enter the bachelor’s degree.