Education in Georgia

Georgia is a country stretching along the Black Sea coast, rich in resorts and sanatoriums, tourist places and attractions, but few people know that Georgia is also an excellent opportunity to get high-quality higher education. Today, a lot of foreign students who have come from both the CIS countries and Europe study in Georgia. So why should one pay attention to Georgia as a promising country for receiving higher education at the European level?

Georgia has officially joined the Bologna Process, which makes it part of a single educational space in Europe. This factor is one of the reasons why this country is very attractive for foreign applicants. The top three prestigious Georgian universities include Tbilisi State University, Ilya State University and Tbilisi Independent University. These universities are an excellent “airfield” that will allow applicants to reach incredible heights in their careers.

Despite the fact that higher education in Georgia can be obtained on a paid basis, its cost is relatively low compared to other European countries. This makes studying at the university accessible to every student, even with very limited financial resources. The teaching staff at universities is distinguished by professional personnel, world-renowned professors and scientists in scientific circles. Education in Georgia for foreigners is maximally aimed at comfort, therefore, comfortable and well-equipped campuses have been built on the territories of universities, contributing to effective and fruitful study and rational spending of free time. Here students will find at their disposal scientific and experimental laboratories, computer labs, various circles and sections, as well as equipped gyms and stadiums, in a word, everything to maximize the effectiveness of both the educational process and leisure.

Advantages of higher education in Georgia:
Having decided to get higher education in Georgia, you will come face to face with a lot of advantages, a small part of which are the following factors:
• The cost of education. Of course, the prices for higher education in Georgia are much lower in comparison with many other countries. It is here that you can get a European-style diploma without even having large financial resources.
• In Georgia, you can get a first-class education that will help you become a highly paid specialist and make a great career in your chosen industry.
• Education in Georgian universities is conducted in different languages, including Russian, which makes the entire educational process maximally adapted to the needs of foreign students.

It is worth summing up that education in Georgia, the price of which cannot but please any wallet, is a great chance to build a career of your dreams, fully realized professionally!