What attracts applicants to Turkish universities?

We note 3 unique offers that may interest a graduate to enter this country:

  1. Scholarship. It is much more generous than in domestic universities. If Russian educational institutions offer a scholarship for which it will be possible to visit a pizzeria one and a half times, then Turkish payments can compensate for the costs of education and living. The point is that they have different scholarship packages. Among them are government grants and grants from the country’s scientific and technological research council. In addition, the Erasmus Program has been working with Turkish higher education institutions for the past 6 years. The program allows you to study in Turkey or even go to a European university. The scholarship for the program can be up to 800 euros per month.
  2. You can choose the language of instruction. Surprisingly, to study in Turkey, you do not need to know Turkish. Upon admission, you can choose one of several languages. For example, English, German or French. If in most European countries a student is required to know the language of the country and pass an exam in it, then Turkey offers to take language courses in a year. By your sophomore year, you will be taught to communicate fluently in Turkish. This feature minimizes the language barrier.
  3. The culture of the country. Turkey is the periphery of Europe and Asia. The capital of the country, Istanbul, was ruled by Byzantium, and after the Ottoman Empire. Several million travelers come to the country every year to get to know this historic center. The student gets the opportunity to feel the spirit of this ancient city and get to know it in detail.